A Belgrade Diner where Americans Feel at Home


By Saima Bacicanin

Belgrade, Entering Intergalactic Diner feels like walking into a time machine that immediately takes you back to 1950s America. Everything – from the look of the interior with leather booths and jukeboxes, to the background music and the food itself – resembles that period.

But for Intergalactic Diner, taking you back in time is not enough; their space-themed menu aims to take you out of this world, as well. Every dish features an extra-terrestrial name, offering new twists on some of America’s most classic foods.

Katie Heroux, a U.S. study abroad student currently in the Serbian capital, was very excited to visit such an American-inspired place, located at the heart of Belgrade’s central Vracar neighborhood.

“It’s quite similar to what I usually get at home,” she said, after enjoying her hamburger called Smokey Galaxy. However, she added that the diner’s patties are thinner than those in the U.S.

The hamburger looked like something straight out of a cartoon, with BBQ sauce dribbling onto the plate and a slice of cheddar cheese peeking between the grilled beef patty and slices of red onion. Smokey Galaxy was served with a pile of french fries and a couple of onion rings, which Heroux described as “very doughy, but good.”

According to their official site, the diner claims “to only use fresh ingredients and products.” On top of quality food, the menu also boasts competitive prices. They offer burgers for an average of just 300 dinars (less than three dollars).

“That’s wicked cheap,” said Heroux, adding that the average price of a gourmet burger in the U.S. ranges from eight to 12 dollars.