Current Students

Paul-RochfordPaul Rochford is studying Eastern/Southern European and Russian history at Georgetown University. He plans on pursuing a degree in law and a career in human rights work. Paul is also a musician/composer and is passionate about the arts and their active role in society. In his free time he also likes to run and compete in long distance events and triathlons. He is very excited to spend the semester immersed in the culture and to employ his regional studies in a journalistic endeavor.

Paul-RochfordCarl Mellqvist from Stockholm, Sweden, studies Political Science at Skidmore College in Upstate New York. He is very interested in Serbian history, as well as the developments of political movements in contemporary Serbia. In free time he swims for his college, explores new food dishes, and travels as often as he can.


Derek-DzinichDerek Dzinich was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska, where he developed a keen interest in history, classical music, and politics. At Elon University he studies political science, international studies, Spanish, peace and conflict studies, and classical piano. During the course of study, much of his research has focused on music and Southeastern Europe. In the future, he hopes to continue studying both music and the Balkan region. Derek is known for his intense passion for sometimes eclectic subjects, and is a diligent student.

Kinsley-CuenKinsley Cuen is from Atlanta, Georgia, but currently studies International and Global Studies at Elon University. With minors in Peace and Conflict Studies, Journalism, History, and Middle Eastern Studies, Kinsley is involved deeply in her studies and takes a special interest in the creation of individual identities. Kinsley loves to listen to and share stories, promote attitudes of awareness and activism, and always strives to be a smiling face for all. When she is not working as a tour guide you can find her with her friends, traveling, or chatting with anyone and everyone, most likely with a cup of coffee in hand.