Fall 2016

bernardo-reyes-facioBernardo Reyes Facio was born in Mexico City, Mexico. After moving to Costa Rica to study high school and volunteering in Turkey, he now studies International Relations and Communication at Lake Forest College, close to Chicago, USA. Described as a passionate writer and travel addict, Bernie could be found in rock concerts reporting for WMXM 88.9FM Chicago or at the local café writing about his adventures. Bernie enjoys Magical Realism, hitchhiking, and Colombian coffee.


emma-woodsEmma Woods is from Detroit, Michigan. She is a political science major at the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio. An avid news consumer with an experience at Detroit Public Radio WDET, Emma hopes to work in radio in the future. In free time she likes to dance, play ultimate frisbee and talk.


meredith-howeMeredith Howe is from Bow, New Hampshire and attends University of New Hampshire Manchester. She hopes to work with refugees or as an international correspondent to inform others of issues affecting the world today and tomorrow. When she doesn’t studying Politics and Society: International Relations, Meredith can be found working at her local movie theater, watching Parks and Recreation, or talking politics with her family.